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VitoŽ 7212
VitoŽ 7212 (vito7212)

Easy to play, the Vito 7212 offers the beginning clarinetists a larger bore clarinet (.584" / 14.83mm) that is extremely free blowing and responsive. Complete with a specially designed, student mouthpiece the Vito 7212 provides the young player the best absolute start.


"Durable and great sounding . . . I love this clarinet".

Durable ABS Body: The body of the Vito 7212 Bb clarinet is made of a high impact, ABS resin (Plastic) whose density is similar to wood in its sound. This body holds up well under even the most brutal student use.

Nickel Silver Keys: The nickel silver key work of the Vito 7212 is strong and resistant to bending. The special "student" design of this key work also fits well beneath the fingers of a young player.

Specially Designed Student Mouthpiece: The mouthpiece of the Vito 7212 is designed to give the student clarinetist the best possible start. This mouthpiece promotes better center of tone and good embouchure habits

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Price: $1,179.00 $1,179.00 (Save $0.00) Model Number: vito7212

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