9/16" Trombone Lyre (511LQ)
9/16" Trombone Lyre
Model# 511LQ

Durable and reliable Great for beginners and marching bands Fits most instruments

Price: $13.25

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Slid-O-Mix (CTN337)
Model# CTN337

The Slide-O-Max Trombone Lubrication System is used by both beginner & professional tromboneists. This long-lasting...

Price: $19.00

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Spray Bottle (SB1)
Spray Bottle
Model# SB1

Pocket-sized fine mist sprayer for good water coverage 2 oz. bottle Comes with sprayer cap Designed, tested, and used...

Price: $3.50

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Trombone Snake (HVSTR)
Trombone Snake
Model# HVSTR

Trombone Vinyl Snake Image

Price: $10.95

Special: $8.99

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Trombotine Slide Lubricant (338S)
Trombotine Slide Lubricant
Model# 338S

Trombone Slide Lubricant Provides great slide action Internationally known Great for all playing abilities

Price: $9.00

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