Alto Sax Ligature (LIG-AS)
Alto Sax Ligature
Model# LIG-AS

Metal Alto Sax Ligature

Price: $8.30

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Clarinet / Alto Sax Reedguard (RGCLAS4)
Clarinet / Alto Sax Reedguard
Model# RGCLAS4

Quad Reed Guard for Clarinet and Alto Sax (Holds 4) Each reed guard features a tip guard and rubber grips that hold reeds...

Price: $7.50

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Cork Grease (corkgrease)
Cork Grease
Model# corkgrease

Premium quality cork grease used to lubricate corks on jointed woodwing instruments.

Price: $1.99

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H. W. Pad Saver Alto Sax (PSALTO)
H. W. Pad Saver Alto Sax

Easy - Effective - Economical Insert into instrument where super micro-fiber will instantly wick corrosive moisture for...

Price: $24.00

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Image Alto Sax Mouthpiece (HSRAMP)
Image Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Image Alto Sax Mouthpiece

Price: $24.95

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Image Sax Swab (HSSB1)
Image Sax Swab
Model# HSSB1

Image Tiger Rag Sax Body Swab

Price: $5.50

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Rovner Alto Sax Ligature/Tenor Slim (1RL)
Rovner Alto Sax Ligature/Tenor Slim
Model# 1RL

The 1RL Fits: Standard Alto Sax. Also, B. Larsen, Jody Jazz, Couf, Brilhart & other hard rubber slim Tenor...

Price: $38.50

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Sax Strap (HSSTR)
Sax Strap
Model# HSSTR

Super strong webbing. Features a durable plastic clip-style hook that holds instrument securely.

Price: $7.50

Special: $5.99

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