Clarinet Care Kit (KITCL)
Clarinet Care Kit
Model# KITCL


List: $27.50

Price: $27.50

Special: $22.88

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Clarinet Pad Saver (PSCLARINET)
Clarinet Pad Saver

Clarinet Pad Saver. Be able to clean your instrument without risk of damaging the inside!

Price: $19.00

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Cork Grease (corkgrease)
Cork Grease
Model# corkgrease

Premium quality cork grease used to lubricate corks on jointed woodwing instruments.

Price: $1.99

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Clarinet Ligature (LIG-CL)
Clarinet Ligature
Model# LIG-CL

Bb Clarinet Ligature

Price: $7.50

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Image Clarinet Swab (SWABCL)
Image Clarinet Swab

Image Clarinet Swab

Price: $3.50

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Clarinet Strap (strapcl)
Clarinet Strap
Model# strapcl

Faxx Clarinet Strap No padding Adjustable

Price: $13.95

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Clarinet / Alto Sax Reedguard (RGCLAS4)
Clarinet / Alto Sax Reedguard
Model# RGCLAS4

Quad Reed Guard for Clarinet and Alto Sax (Holds 4) Each reed guard features a tip guard and rubber grips that hold reeds...

Price: $9.00

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Fobes Debut Clarinet Mouthpiece (FOBESCL)
Fobes Debut Clarinet Mouthpiece

Without a doubt, the finest student model clarinet mouthpiece on the market. Hand finished acrylic. Faced with my...

Price: $43.95

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Rovner Clarinet Ligature (1R)
Rovner Clarinet Ligature
Model# 1R

All Standard Bb Clarinet Enhanced Performance Accurate Intonation Easy Installation Reliability and Durability The...

Price: $41.50

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Bonade Clarinet Ligature (2250U)
Bonade Clarinet Ligature
Model# 2250U

Bonade Ligature Clarinet

Price: $36.00

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Luyben Clarinet Ligature (2215LCBK)
Luyben Clarinet Ligature
Model# 2215LCBK

Bb clarinet ligature Gain 20 to 30% more tone and greater dynamic range with the Bonade ligature Designed by the master...

Price: $17.00

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Clarinet Mouthpiece Cap (CLcap)
Clarinet Mouthpiece Cap
Model# CLcap

Clarinet Mouthpiece Cap. A Cap that fits most clarinet MP.

Price: $3.95

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Clarinet/Sax Teeth Guard (teethsaver)
Clarinet/Sax Teeth Guard
Model# teethsaver

Clarinet/Sax Teeth GuardProtect your mouthpiece and teeth from each other.

Price: $6.65

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Marching Lyre 2piece w/ring (506N)
Marching Lyre 2piece w/ring
Model# 506N

Nickel plated clarinet lyre Strong spring mechanism to keep music secure when in use Designed to fit around the lower...

Price: $14.49

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